Why Lease?

Leasing reduces the amount of capital outlay required to increase your fleet. As a lessee, you can either choose a close-end or open-end lease. In a closed-end lease, a lessee’s obligation is generally fixed at the monthly lease payment amount. A lessee’s other financial responsibility comes if the vehicle’s mileage and vehicle damage is in excess of the agreed-upon amount in the lease. A close-end lease makes Courtney Leasing, Inc. financially responsible for the vehicle’s excess depreciation (fair market value versus depreciated value) at the end of the lease. 

On the flip-side, an open-end lease shifts financial risk to the lessee. In addition to the monthly lease payment amount, an open-end lessee is also responsible for the excess depreciation at the end of a lease. Courtney Leasing, Inc. currently offers only closed-end lease arrangements to minimize the potential financial responsibility to lessees at the end of a lease.

Improve your fleet planning. Most organizations hold vehicles in service longer than their useful life cycle. By determining at the start how long you plan to keep a vehicle in service, you ensure dependability and proper vehicle rotation. Your grocer rotates the potatoes you buy, so why shouldn’t you plan the rotation of your fleet?

Pay for what you use, not its total cost. With leasing you pay the depreciation and the interest; with traditional financing you pay for the entire vehicle. The cash savings is significant!

Want to buy your vehicles? That’s fine with us too. You can buy the car at any time for the capitalized cost of the vehicle less the depreciation charge paid. Leasing provides you the flexibility to punt your old car or keep it if you like.

Why Lease With Us?

Your time is important! We eliminate the hassles of auto dealership shopping. Dealerships focus on selling one vehicle at a time, and the arduous process can be very time consuming frequently leading to a hodgepodge unplanned fleet. We, on the other hand, focus on delivering five to 500 vehicles at a time. We look at it simply as a financial transaction and the vehicle is just part of it. We also have the ability to provide you with vehicles from many brands in one place.

There is no need to go to a Dodge dealership for your pickup trucks, a Nissan dealer for all of your service vans, a Toyota dealership for your sales staff sedans, and an Infiniti dealer for your executive’s vehicle. We take care of all of your vehicle needs in one place, without your ever having to visit a dealership.

Dealerships have expensive buildings on prime retail properties. We keep our overhead down and pass the savings on to you.

Our new vehicle lineup includes current model year products from several OEM’s, such as Nissan, Infiniti and Dodge.

Please contact us to find out which OEM products are currently available to meet your fleet needs.

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