Rental Fleet Leasing

Courtney Leasing, Inc. has been a leading fleet vehicle source for the daily rental industry for over a generation.We provide flexible lease terms between 12 and 24 months with standard lease allowances of 2,000 miles per month.

If you are interested in becoming a rental fleet leasing partner, please complete the Rental Fleet Questionnaire below.

Wholesale / Fleet Disposal

We focus on eliminating costs for both used car dealers and our clients. The less frequently you and Courtney Leasing are paying auction fees the better. To find out about our existing and upcoming off lease vehicles that you can add to your used vehicle dealer inventory, please sign up for our email alerts here. We will alert you via email as soon as we know what is available.

Commercial Leasing – Coming Soon

Fleets are like people. They come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. Whether you need a fleet of pest control trucks, plumbing vans, flatbed trucks for moving equipment, sales staff sedans, claims adjusters SUVs, or a combination of them, we put the whole package together for you in one stop.

First we will assess your existing fleet and review how well it serves your needs. We will review your fleet age and brand makeup and review comparable options. When we look at options, we do not focus on the total cost of the vehicle as much as we do the depreciation. In many instances, the more expensive vehicle may be the less expensive to lease because it holds its value better. Also, when you need an up fit, we beat out dealers because we compare brands to determine which is the most cost effective for your trade.

It is second nature for us to be able to objectively assist you in selecting the best brand for your needs. We have the good fortune to not be so loyal to a particular brand that it helps us help keep your total costs down.

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